Pictures taken by me and Francesca Stignani during the february, 5 2011 rally to ask italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to resign after being implicated in a new sex scandal. More than 10,000  people gathered inside the stadium, and other protesters assembled
outside its doors, unable to enter. During the rally, a lot of italian personalities tried to explain why mr. Berlusconi should resign and why he is a treat to italian democracy. The former italian president, mr. Scalfaro, with the help of a couple of other constitutionalists, spoke about the origins of italian Constitution, and explained how Berlusconi‘s action can be considered a great danger to the individual rights of every Italian citizen. Journalists Roberto Saviano, Gad Lerner, and Concita De Gregorio, writer and philosopher Umberto Eco, actor Moni Ovadia and many others also spoke during the afternoon.

If you’re looking for some more info about the reasons of the rally, please have a look at this New York Times’ articles: Sex Scandals in Italy Fuel Discontent of Women, Wiretaps of Berlusconi’s Teenage Friend Emerge, Surreal: A Soap Opera Starring Berlusconi, Italy: Prosecutors Say Berlusconi Had Sex With a Number of Prostitutes.